Saturday, August 14, 2010

A quick update.

Today was a good day for me. Minimal stomach pain, was busy most of the day (crucial to me having a good day) had a good heart-to-heart discussion with my mom. She's really been supportive of me recently, and I'm happy for that. I think during recovery it's necessary to have someone like that - someone who doesn't judge, someone who doesn't expect you to be perfect right away, someone who notices the little steps you take. Most of all you need someone to stand between you and the world when you have no strength to face them alone. I hope some day I'll be able to show her how much she's helped me, simply by being the way she is. I know she suffers for it, she has to be the go-between me and the rest of the family. She's been told that she doesn't care enough, she's "too supportive", she's not helping me like she should. But she is, because I'm motivated to recover because I want to make her proud. I want to show others that understanding and support are more important then strict diet regiments and minimum weight goals. And I don't want to let her down, I can't let her down.

So here's for todays recovery efforts:

- added food at snack
- had a iced coffee with milk and sugar and didn't LET myself feel guilty about it

The added food at snack was me trying to "listen to my body". Didn't feel as hungry at lunch though, so I need to see how to balance both those things.

But today was a good day :).

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