Sunday, January 9, 2011

The beauty in nature

Today was one of the first warmer days I've had since the beginning of winter. Right now I am lucky enough to be staying in a place that is located literally 2 minutes away from a forest. Now I am NOT a village girl and although I do enjoy nature I wouldn't trade it for the conveniences of living in a city. Travelling for an hour by bus to get to the nearest supermarket isn't my ideal. However today I felt like a walk in the fresh air so I got on my fuzzy boots, grabbed my camera and went out the door.

I meant to only take a few pictures until I realized that by trying to do so I was setting myself up for failure. Everything I came across seemed picture worth because it was all just so beautiful. Although my less then high-quality camera hardly captures it adequately I was simply blown away by all the beauty that surrounded me.

(I tried to stick to just a few pictures as I know scenery isn't the most exiting thing to photograph with a bad camera.)

It got me thinking about the whole creator-creation thing. I respect all those who have a view point that differs from mine, but I was just never able to accept the fact that this whole world and everything in it was just an accident or a freak of nature. Call it God, call it Energy, a Higher Power whatever you want to I believe that we were carefully designed and put on this earth for a reason. And I wondered why I can't view myself and my body with the same sense of awe and respect I do the rest of nature. For me to compare myself or put myself down is like a oak complaining it's not as skinny as a pine tree. When I put it that was it's extremely absurd and comical, yet I still compare myself to others. I want to learn to come to grips with myself as a unique, beautiful entity. My body is not the same as others and that's ok. I may have a bigger butt, or sturdier legs or not the perfect hourglass figure. So what?! Who decided that tall, slender girls with a perfect breast to hip ratio are the only ones that are beautiful? Beauty is variety, confidence and acceptance of who you are. I don't want to spend the rest of my life trying to fit someone else's description of
"pretty". I am who I am and I will learn to appreciate my uniqueness. I was carefully designed and I need to respect myself for that reason if no other. There is no one else in the world exactly like me and that is an awesome, amazing thought.


  1. I love this post so much! You bring up a very good point - why do we believe ourselves to be an exception to the rule? We wouldn't judge others so harshly, or like you said compare the things we see in nature, so why are we different? Why are we so hard on ourselves?

    I absolutely believe in intelligent design. Nature itself is so complicated and intricate that I think it points to a higher power.

    I too find great comfort in nature. I live close to the forest, so I love to go for walks with my camera year-round. Nice photos, btw. =) Thanks for a great post.

  2. I've never thought of it like this before:

    "For me to compare myself or put myself down is like a oak complaining it's not as skinny as a pine tree. When I put it that was it's extremely absurd and comical, yet I still compare myself to others."

    That is perfectly put!

    You have a serious talent for photography Miss L! Those photos took my breath away. You are so lucky to live in a place with natural beauty such as that :)


  3. "Beauty is variety, confidence and acceptance of who you are."
    Wow. Exactly.
    I love the fact that you could step back from your ED long enough to realize that you ARE beautiful, whether that means you wear a size 0 or size 14. I agree that confidence and inner beauty shines so much more brightly than what we look like on the outside. And we are just destroying our insides when we don't nourish our bodies the way that they are supposed to be due to this stupid disease.
    I love the pictures. Your walk sounds like it went lovely!
    <3 Haley

  4. I love this post!!(: (:

    I wish other people would realize this too- that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Not just one body type is beautiful. We're all different, and thats beautiful(: Because being the same is boring!