Sunday, October 24, 2010

All about me :)

Alright, right now I'm actually having a bit of an food-related anxiety thing going on, but I'm not going to talk about that. I'm going to refuse to think about anything food related right now and talk about me (because I'm a little self centered like that :P)

Ok so without further ado, here are some facts about me:

- I come from a BIG family (5 brothers and 1 sister) and I am the oldest
- I have traveled to over 10 countries and lived in 5.
- I speak 3 languages (2 fluently, one conversationally) and I aspire to learn spanish
- Although I am not from the US or England and I have never visited any of those countries I speak English better then my "native language"(none of my parents are from England or the US either :P)
- I am a work-a-holic, I love being busy and running around doing this that and the other
- I LOVE dancing, it's the one thing that makes me amazingly happy (need to start again)
- I love sports - was offered a place on a professional female soccer league at one point, but I turned that down
- I love running :)
- I am a clean/organizational freak
- I am not an extremely "girly girl". I like looking attractive and wearing clothes that flatter me and all that, and (this is going to sound horribly cliche) I like being treated like a lady. But I'm not fussy and demanding, I can't shop for hours and I don't wear makeup every time I go out.
- I was practicing kung-fu at one point (yah I'm tough and hard-core like that)
- I am very loyal to my friends. I would cross hell or high water to help any one of them. But I'm not the type of person that considers a person I just meet a "friend"
- I'm not a "pet person". If I could have a pet I would want a snake or a falcon or something like that (I actually had a falcon as a pet for a while). Someday though, I want to have a big dog.
- I HATE cats. I cannot stand the creatures. But one day I saw this little animal with a collar on it that said "Please take me home. Winter is coming." And I just couldn't say no. He is the cutest! Turns out I have a double standard on this point.

(He's a kitten by the way, even though he doesn't look that way in the pics)

Ok, that's enough for now. Someday when I finally find a decent photo of myself to put up, I will.

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  1. I hate cats too! They're just.. blahhh. Sometimes they're cute, but then they get boring and snotty. I can't believe you speak 3 languages! I'm studying french right now.

    And to answer your question, I'm in an online high school. I haven't been in one my whole life, just for the past 6 months.