Thursday, February 3, 2011

When's the last time you...?

When's the last time you went to a post office, and actually mailed a letter?

Or used one of these (or even saw one of these for that matter)?

When's the last time you bought honey from a place like this?

Or went to a farmers market that looked like this?

What can I say, I live in the coolest town ever. When you see fresh produce that is sold like that, or honey in unlabeled jars you know it's gotta be good.

Or ate something as good as this?

Cous cous cooked in broth with thyme infused chicken, mushrooms and broccoli.

Mini pita pockets (I made them all by myself :D) with tomatoes, cucumber, spiced chickpeas and a yogurt tzasiki sauce.

Recently I've been making an effort to really ENJOY and savor my food (you can read about my revelation here). So I've been trying to have one meal or snack a day that I put specially effort into. And yes, I do feel the need to brag about it just a bit, so you'll just have to excuse the food pictures.

I had a crazy busy day today : mailing a letter, shopping, lunch, paperwork, meetings, a job interview, writing a resume and finally getting here. It was a fun day though, and although I have a bunch of work lined up for me tomorrow, I will be going to sleep a happy girl.

(Hopefully though my oats tomorrow won't be bitter like they were today, because that nearly ruined my morning - mental note to self go easy on the vanilla essence. Nothing that a bit of creamy full fat yogurt couldn't salvage though. )

Take care all, and see you tomorrow.

What's the last odd thing you did recently?
Did you ever manage to ruin your oats?


  1. Haha! Have I ever ruined my oats? Yes, yes I have...many times.
    I haven't been to a post office to mail a letter in years. The last time I bought goodies at that kind of farmers market was summer 2009 in a bunch of European countries I visited. I love those markets; I think they're so adorable.

    L, brag your heart out with those foodie pictures. If they taste anywhere near as good as they look, then you sure have a reason to do so.

    Good luck with that job by the way. I don't know what the interview was for, but I'm sure you nailed it!

  2. Oh, p.s.:check your email.

  3. I LOVE cous cous. I ate it pretty much everyday when I first began rediscovering new foods. I was obsessed with it. Cooking it in broth just takes it to a whole new level, don't you agree? :P

    I love that you have farmers markets like that! We have that too except we never go. I don't know why because my Dad is always complaining about how all of the produce in the supermarkets aren't up to scratch. Maybe one day I'll persuade him.

    Oh boy, I have ruined my oats many a time. In fact I did so the other day by making them WITHOUT milk. Bad idea. Then I mixed in yoghurt which turned warm and tasted so overly tangy it was disgusting. Yeah, don't do that.


  4. Ok so I actually have NEVER made oatmeal.. how sad :/
    I love baking and I'm new at cooking, but still..
    I LOVE oatmeal. I should start making it.
    And you use full-fat yogurt? That's awesome! I can't wait until I can do that without fear. Keep it up. You are an inspiration.

    Also, I LOVE farmer's markets. We have some back home, but here at college there aren't any :/
    That honey is probably delish. Yumm.

    And don't worry about the "bragging" or the food pics. I love them! Keep posting!
    <3 Haley

  5. Keep bragging!! I love the pictures!

    My family and I go through a TON of honey - we have the hardest time finding it though because we usually get four or five 5 gallon buckets of raw honey!! And that lasts us about a year...

    Yes, I usually mess up my oatmeal by letting ED control how I make it and adding WAY too much water or only a tiny bit of oats so I get a tasteless yuck! But i've been doing much better the last couple times I've made it! Usually I have cereal for breakfast with homemade pb granola (extra chewy) and fruit b/c it's my fav!!