Sunday, February 13, 2011

Short 'n' sweet.

I don't have much to say, but since I made a challenge/goal I feel it's important I let everyone know that I'm sticking to it :)

I ate my first bit of coconut butter yesterday. First bit went into my morning oats - and that was really good. So happy I decided on that combination. The next little bit I had plain on a cracker, but it was a bit too rich for me and ended up making me sick for the next 6 hours. Not fun! Although my ED wanted me to feel guilty for making myself sick, I decided to keep up the positive attitude that it was worth it because I was sticking to my commitment. And I learned an important lesson for next time - I can't stomach coconut butter "straight". But nothing ventured nothing gained.

Today I snacked on some almonds for my "additional" healthy fats, because I didn't feel ready to tackle the coconut butter again just yet. But I will probably be adding it again to my oats tomorrow, because it was really nice :). I am proud of myself for keeping up with my goals so far and not backing down.

Although looking in the mirror today I realized something slightly disturbing - I think I may have lost weight. I have been sick for the past 3-4 days so my appetite has been someone diminished and I have been eating less. I guess I should have been more careful, but I kind of let it slip. This is NOT something I can really afford at this point, so I need to be careful of letting it happen in the future.

Also, I need to start eating more energetically dense foods for snacks. I usually grab something quick and easy to prepare - such as a fruit and crackers with hummus or cottage cheese. But this sort of thing is not going to help me gain weight. It'll take me a while to step out of my comfort zone, but the sooner I start the better.

Today I made some veggie wraps and chickpea bites using this recipie. They were super yummy. A little more work then I expected, but I enjoyed them a lot :) And I ate a LOT as well. I actually surprised myself. But I guess I needed it because I don't feel especially overstuffed, just full. So I'm ok with that.

(Picture taken from Oh She Glows where I got the recipie from as well)

So here's to the new week ahead, I hope it will be filled with new and exiting things.
Enjoy the last few hours of your weekend anyone.

Any suggestions on easy to prepare, fairly nutritionally dense snacks?


  1. You can make your own hummus and add whatever beans, nuts or nut butters and vegetables you see fit into it. Couple cups of chickpeas, handful of spinach or two, some peanut butter, yogurt, lemon juice, seasonings, etc. Just anything your tastebuds like. I like to toss a bunch of hummus onto a nori sheet with some avocado and carrots, wrap it up and chow down.

    I know that may not be the most helpful thing, but smoothies or soups are other ways to get really nutrition dense foods into you. Lots of vegetables and fruits at once (just make sure to have a little bit of fat with it for the fat-soluble vitamins, satiety, flavor, etc.).

  2. I'm so glad that you tried coconut butter! I wish I could buy it but the only way I can have it is if I make it myself. I tend to have to eat it with something sweet otherwise it's a bit too bitter but I do love it especially with maple syrup!

    I've always been against this idea of condensing a highly nutritious snack into one but smoothies are really good for that kind of thing. You can shove in whatever you want- even spinach-and it will come out great. I'm sure you've seen this on oh she glows :P


  3. I'm glad you had some of the coconut butter. It's great that when it upset your stomach, you didn't let ED get the better of you. And you rock for having those almonds as well!!!

    I know how easy it is to lose weight just from being sick. I eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the calories. You could make the sandwich 500-600 cals just by using dense/thick bread and 2-3 tbs (coco)nut butter. If you aren't up to adding that much fat yet, you could snack on dried fruit. I eat a LOT of dates. One ounce, or 28g has about 81 calories, so they are really good for giving a calorie boost.

  4. The coconut butter sounds yum! I wanna try it!
    I find that peanut butter is a really good snack for me. I'll have it with pretzels or on waffles with greek yogurt. That's probably my favorite :)
    I also enjoy Cliff bars :) They're a good source of protein, fiber, and carbs :)
    Keep it up girly
    <3 Haley