Monday, December 27, 2010

The trip so far.

The only thing I regret about this post is that I have no pictures to go with it. So much has happened, but unfortunately I don't have a camera to take photographic evidence, so my verbal account will have to be enough.

I spent the 22-23rd travelling between countries. The trip wasn't exactly relaxing, but overall everything went well and I arrived safely.
As soon as I arrived it was time for my first challenge- lunch. It was fish oven baked in olive oil. The amount of oil was almost overwhelming for me, but I refused to think about it too much and I just ate. And amazingly enough I was ok. There were a few thoughts sure enough, but I kept myself busy most of the time doing other things and with time those passed and I was able to fully enjoy myself.

Then came Christmas Eve dinner, the thing I had been fearing most about the entire trip. But even that was surprisingly manageable. On the table we had duck, a Greek salad, a cous-cous salad, roasted green beans in olive oil and classic German red-cabbage. Although all of these foods I was pretty uncomfortable with I managed to eat a well balanced meal WITHOUT ANY GUILT. I even had a glass of wine for desert. It was really lovely.
The following days were pretty much the same - I was faced with "scary foods" and a irregular schedule. But to be honest I'm enjoying every moment of this trip so far. I thought I wouldn't be strong enough, that there would be a lot of panic attacks and awkward situations. I can proudly say that so far so good. People are pretty understanding of my desire to eat healthy and I am also learning to enjoy "treats" such as chocolate, Christmas cookies and other such holiday goodies along with the delicious food that I might not consider 100% healthy. I do worry at time and am unsure of how I will handle certain situation. But the more I stop over-thinking everything and just throw myself into the situation the better things seem to be. It's really great to be able to enjoy life without an ED controlling your every move.

At times I can't help but think back to last years Christmas where all I managed to eat was a bowl of vegetable soup. I didn't even drink anything because I was scarred of the calories. Well those days are done and over now, and it feels so wonderful. It's great to be free!!

Hopefully I can get my camera up and running so I can have some pictures for you all. In the meantime enjoy the rest of the holidays and your family and friends!


  1. Oh L.!! I'm SO HAPPY for you!! =D =) :~}

    This is wonderful - you are free!! It makes my heart warm and tears come to my eyes. Savor every moment of freedom and don't give ED back his power, it's yours!!!

    *BIG hug*


  2. This is so inspiring, and I am so happy for you! Life without ED is beautiful - and you are experiencing it. Have a great rest of the trip! Keep going!


  3. I'm glad to hear you're doing great, L!
    I'm so so happy for you. Seriously :)
    Enjoy the rest of the holidays, love! Stay strong - great job!

  4. It's wonderful to hear that you're having a great time and not letting food get the best of you during your vacation. I remember when I first arrived in Greece this past summer that I was really nervous about everything swimming in olive oil too, but I soon learned to get over it and just enjoy the food while I was there. It takes a long period of time for changes in dietary habits to have any negative effect, a few weeks won't do any harm. I hope your holidays continue to be enjoyable and keep moving forward. ^_^

  5. WELL DONE!!! Keep on moving forward, L :)