Saturday, March 12, 2011

One lazy Saturday...

Normally I wake up on Saturdays with some sort of a plan or agenda. But this morning I woke up to realize that I had absolutely no plans for the day. So I decided to take it a moment at a time and see where my day would take me.

I started the morning off with a lovely bowl of oats:

Followed by some blog reading and yoga. I never do yoga in the mornings, so this was a great change in routine. I must say that I quite enjoyed it.

Then I did some scheduling work and met up with some people. I came home and settled down with a quick but tasty lunch : avocado on toast with cottage cheese, and another sandwich with avocado, hummus and cheese (to think that just a while back all of these foods were fear foods is quite amazing).

Then I took a long nap. Gosh I've missed taking naps. These days I don't have much time for that luxury, and I usually have a hard time falling asleep during the day. But today I crashed out for a good hour and a half and it felt sooooo good.

Afterwards I went on a long walk through town. Spring seems to have finally (fingers crossed) arrived, so it means I will be spending as little time indoors as possible. I love being outside in the fresh air, having your face warmed by the sun, walking along and watching the world pass you by. There's something refreshing about being outdoors that always puts me in a good mood.

Then came some of this:

A little bit of this:

And it was time for a big family dinner (I briefly mentioned it here, and although it was supposed to happen on Sunday it happened today). Amazingly I was able to enjoy it with no anxiety whatsoever. There was buttery stuffing, white rice and glazed chicken and I have no idea how it was prepared and how much oil was used (although I have a pretty good idea, seeing as the bottle was half full before dinner and now there's only about 1/4 left :P). But I didn't care, I ate and enjoyed and that's all that matters.

And I have one last accomplishment to brag about. About 2 hours after dinner I was REALLY hungry. No idea why that was, because I probably had a higher calorie meal then I do most nights. After an inner struggle I decided to get some food. I ended up with quite a hefty snack, because I was THAT hungry. A part of me started freaking out (I was never a fan of eating in the evenings). Then I remembered my long walk and the yoga I did this morning. Obviously my body needs more fuel, and that's nothing to be ashamed or scared of. And I'm going to learn to be ok with that.

The rest of the evening was spent engaging in my favorite time- wasting activity:

(Definitely not a game I feel "cool" playing, considering I am generally pretty opposed to computer games. But somehow this is the only one I actually enjoy. Doesn't say much for my IQ though.)

Right now I'm thinking of watching a movie or reading a book and calling it a night. I actually have a to-do list for tomorrow, so gotta get some sort of a head start.

(Sorry for the lack of original pictures, my camera has been out of order recently. But it should be up and running again tomorrow.)

What's your favorite time-wasting activity?

What do you all usually do on a lazy weekend day?


  1. Glad that you got to relax and that you enjoyed your family dinner!

    I haven't had a lazy day in a while thanks to school, but when I do get one I love to read, write, bake, and catch up on tv shows.

    I guess reading blogs, facebook, and weheartit could be considered my time-wasting activities -I def. spend too much time online!


  2. So good to read that you were able to enjoy your dinner! I had a lovely meal out last night as well and it was delicious.

    My favourite time-wasting activity would have to be blog reading or writing on my blog. I never actually have time these days to do it but I'm a huge procrastinator :P

  3. "Obviously my body needs more fuel, and that's nothing to be ashamed or scared of. And I'm going to learn to be ok with that."

    I am so, so, SO proud of you L!!!! You are making such significant strides in your recovery each day. :-) Keep fighting ED and take care of yourself- you deserve it. <3 And lazy days can be so relaxing and fun!

    lazy weekend day: watch movies, blog, paint my nails, etc.
    fave time-wasting activity: facebook

  4. L, I feel like I write the same comment every time, but I am so, so incredibly proud of you. Eating after you've eaten more than usual, let alone eating "quite a hefty snack" is hard. That was one of the things I struggled with the most. And you did it. You ate. You listened to and honored your body. You my dear, are absolutely amazing!

  5. Your sandwich looks yum!
    And I'm really proud of you for eating at your family dinner and then having an evening snack the other night, too. Both huge steps in the road to recovery! :) Listening to your body will make it happier and healthier than ever!