Saturday, March 5, 2011

Adventures in the big city.

Alright, so here's the promised "trip" post. I have a hard time knowing what to call it, as a vacation isn't really an accurate description; at the same time it wasn't a business trip. So I'll just stick with this description for now till I find something more fitting.

(There will be some photo lags as I don't really like obsessively taking pictures of food and/or other ordinary objects with other people around. I think they just MIGHT find it a little odd :P)

So I arrived at my destination after a grueling 12 hours in the car. I like car travels mind you, but the conditions of this trip made enjoyment something fairly difficult to achieve. To clarify the first 5 hours were spent in extreme cold, because the heating in the car broke down and it was -18 outside. Definitely not enjoyable in the least. Thankfully later on in the day it heated up a bit, and I was able to enjoy the trip a bit more.

The first three days were spent doing a charity fundraiser. Basically I volunteered to raise money for an organization that works with underprivileged children in hospitals and orphanages. I got to dress up as a clown (one of their programs involves clown visits to terminally ill children) and ask for donations. A lot of people came up to me just to compliment me on my "look" - apparently I make a cute clown.

Then came the enjoyment/relaxing bit. Sunday evening I went to visit a friend. I had a few minutes before she got off work, so I took some pictures.

After that we went back to her apartment, relaxed and went out for a few drinks.

(Public transport is the way to go! Me and my friend travelling to our "drink spot". See how I'm dressed. Yes, it is THAT cold here.)

I'm not sure if I'm the only one that does this, but when I'm faced with a menu (be it drinks or food) I always take FOREVER to pick what I want. I just want to choose the best thing out there, and I am so scared of ordering something I don't want. My friend started teasing me for trying to "memorize the drink list"

We were both pretty tired so we didn't stay out too late or do too much. After a few drinks we headed off to sleep. The next morning I met up with some friends in town. The weather was BEAUTIFUL and surprisingly warm, so I did quite a bit of walking around town.

I got hungry so I stopped for a picnic (something I haven't done in years). The food was simple......

but the view - breathtaking.

I ran a few more errands and did some shopping. By the time came back to my friends apartment I was ravenous and thankfully so was she so we went out to eat. She surprised me by taking me to a gourmet health food restaurant (she is the queen of greasy chinease take out and fast foods). Apparently she loves the turkey spinach quesedilla they have there. I definitely wasn't complaining! I got to taste tempeh for the first time. It was SO good. I had it atop a spinach salad (I didn't get any veggies that day) with a mustard, olive oil honey dressing that I could have eaten plain with a spoon. I was a bit anxious when it came to choosing the food, but once I started eating I enjoyed it 100%. My friend was even surprised I was able to clean off my plate (it was HUGE).

I actually wanted to take a picture, but by the time our food arrived I was so hungry that I forgot :P. But the tempeh looked like the one pictured above.

Then came the evening and it was time to partayyyyyy!!! After a few drinks silliness with friends and random strangers ensued.

Since we got home at 5:00 AM the rest of the day was spent sleeping, packing, and getting ready for the long trip ahead.
The trip home also had it's adventures - we got lost several times and I had to actually use a map (thanks GPS for not working yet AGAIN). But we made it home safely.

And let's face it, I have a lot of good reasons for coming home.

Such as:

(My youngest brothers - the loves of my life :P)

(My INCREDIBLY comfy slippers - I'm all about comfort as opposed to fashion)

(Good food - barely and white bean salad with a tzaziki yogurt dressing)

What is something you always look forward to when you come home from a trip?

Do you also spend a long time picking something from menus?


  1. It looks like so much fun! You all wrapped up looks like ME in our winter and it doesn't even get as cold as yours here! haha. I ALWAYS take ages to choose from a menu. Like you, I don't want to order something and then change my mind. I am so indecisive - it's quite embarrassing, to be honest.

    Something I always look forward to would be sleeping in my own bed. I can never sleep in other beds!


  2. Gosh L.! I can't get over how GORGEOUS you are! And those buildings are nice too. :-)

    I'm with Katy on the number 1 thing I look forward to coming home to. I hate sleeping in other's beds, especially hotels. I just lie there wishing I were in my bed instead.
    Yes, I take FOREVER to choose somthing off a menu. I feel pressure from the people I'm with and the waiter, as if I'm holding them up (which I am of course) and it's really uncomfortable. Hopefully a little down the road I'll become a little more decisive.

  3. Ah, yes I take forever to decide what I want from a menu. But, I've always been that way even before ED, so I guess I'm just an indicisive person, lol.

    I'm glad you had a good time on your trip! Burrrr, I don't know if I could survive a 18 degree car ride, though!


  4. Yes! I take forever to decide when there are tons of options, especially when everything looks fantastic! I battle with myself for what seems like an eternity just to pick out something and my parents had settled on a sterotypical choice hours ago. :P

    Whenever I come home from long trips I look forward to my bed the most - there's something comforting and relaxing about it.

    I really like the 7th picture of the buildings all lined up, you took an excellent shot there! Glad you had a wonderful time (sans the freezing weather), you should do it more often! ;)

  5. I'm glad you had a good trip & I love the pictures! Oh gosh, I take forever to decide what I want at restaurants. I like to go where I am familiar with the menu, that way everyone isn't waiting for me.

    I have to agree with everyone - sleeping in my own bed is awesome! That and wearing sweatpants and slippers around the house all day!

    Take care!