Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I think I'm stuck in a rut.

I haven't posted in a while, but I've been away. I spent the weekend over at my friends and then I've been sick since I got back :( The weather here has been horrible (verrry cold and rainy) and I don't deal with both those elements very well. I was feeling so weak yesterday, it was horrible. I was shivering and I couldn't get warm. And yes, I think that is a result of my low weight (I'm working on that for the record). I came home and ate some hot soup and felt a BIT better. I have no idea what was wrong with me. I did something pretty cool yesterday though. I ate a ham and cheese sandwich - two of my fear foods- without any guilt involved. I think I was too cold and weak to care really. Whatever the reason was I broke a big barrier and I'm happy :)
I think I'm in a bit of a food rut. I eat pretty much the same things day after day. Granted, they're not low calorie foods, but they're still foods I feel secure eating. They don't push me past my comfort zone and so I know I can eat them without guilt. But isn't that bad? There should not be "good" and "bad" foods. All food is the same, it's all good because it's something your body needs. There are healthier and less healthy foods, but that doesn't make them good or bad. Plus a lot of healthy foods I am scarred of such as: avocado, nuts, olive oil. All these foods have numerous health benefits, but I'm still scarred of eating them. And that is something I have to change.
I need to work on challenging this mindset and keep pushing myself to try new things. I can't simply stick to my safe foods, I need to keep pushing myself. But how?
If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I'd appreciate the input.

Tomorrow I'm going to try overnight oats soaked in juice with full fat yogurt (sounds scary). We'll see how eating them goes. To be honest I'm not sure if I'l be able to because the yogurt has a weird consistency and it looks a bit unappetizing, but we'll see if I can get past the looks and enjoy it.

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  1. What helped me with some of my fear foods is I just had a little bit of it at the time to see what the taste was like. For example, a huuuuge fear food of mine was butter but I what I did was a put a little bit on one of my homemade muffins instead of my normal almond butter (which has just the same amount of calories by the way haha) and after my first bite, I was hooked! The taste brought back memories of my childhood and I couldn't remember why I found it so scary in the first place!

    With the nuts, you could try just one and see how that goes? Or you could get a nut butter and put a little bit on a spoon and lick it off so that you can get the taste of it and it's not so scary. You'll be so proud of yourself once you face your fears! :)

    Full fat yogurt isn't scary, my dear :) The fat gives it sooo much more flavor, it's honestly amazing. I died and went to heaven when I switched from low-fat to full fat. You can do it hun! You have so much inner strength. Let it shine :)