Sunday, September 5, 2010

Don't have much time, but I hate to leave this blog on a negative note for so long.
Things have been better- I have been fighting and some new possibilities might be opening up for me in the near future. So I'm looking forward to tomorrow and all it will bring.

Also a good friend got in back contact with me. I've been feeling sort of "abandoned" recently, and my ED mindset of taking every situation with a negative slant on me made me think that she didn't want to be in touch with me because of all of my issues. BULLSHIT (and I'm so happy to be saying this)! She had issues of her own to deal with, so we'll be supporting each other through our rough times. She's a wonderfully positive person, so I'm hoping some of that good energy can rub off on me.

To summarize I'm still here, I'm still fighting and the future is looking brighter then ever.

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  1. :) i just found your blog and I'm so glad you're doing better!